Pottery Painting to Go

During these Stay At Home times and Social Distancing WHIM STUDIO SPACE is offering no-contact pick up and drop off TO GO kits for both Pottery Painting and Clay Kits! Check out our fun TO GO options below...

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Head's Up: We Accept Cash or Check for Payment


What's WHIM all about?

If you know me from my previous studio - Out On A Whim, in Glen Ellyn, you'll find my new studio is a blend of old and new: downsized, but still full of color and charm. I offer fun workshops and classes along with my own, authentic hand-built pieces for you to put your finishing touches on with glaze. I take reservations for parties and get-togethers, plus I invite you to stop in my studio while I'm creating during the week!

Here's what's happening in the studio...

  • hand-building clay classes and workshops for children and adults
  • children's parties - clay or "paint your own pottery"
  • custom-made pottery and custom-painted pottery
  • hand-built pottery for you to paint
  • off-site pottery painting and clay making parties, fundraisers, and team-building events!
custom-painted family platter
handmade stamped flower bowl
tile-decorated frames made by children

Pottery Painting To Go


How does this work?

CLICK HERE to download a menu of pottery and paint color options. When you're ready to order, Email me the information requested below.

You'll then be sent a confirmation with payment and pick up information. I'll text you when your bag is ready for pick up. When you're pottery is done being painted, you'll return it to the studio.

Your pottery will be fired, making it outdoor, food & dishwasher safe.

You'll get a text when it's ready for pick up... in about a week.

CLICK HERE to download the Pottery Items and Paint Colors Menu

Ready to order?

Email me your:

  • Name
  • Cell Number
  • Pottery Items
  • Paint Color Selections (limit to 6 total)
  • Requested Pickup Date
Children painting bisque pottery with an adult looking on
a child painting bisque pottery
Children's clay pinch pots with colorful glaze

Clay Kits To Go

A cute clay owl to hang on the wall
A clay turtle painted with glaze, perfect for in your garden
Brightly colored handmade clay flower bowls

These fun Clay Kits TO GO! include everything you’ll need to create a super cute clay project AT HOME!!!!.

When your project is complete, return it to the studio where it will dry, get coated with a clear glaze and then be fired.

* We have a no-contact pick up and drop off at the studio.

The price includes EVERYTHING... even tax!

  • $20 for a one-person kit
  • $36 for a two-person kit
  • $45 for a three-person kit

The kit includes:

  • Step-by-step instructions with pictures
  • Clay and all of your clay supplies
  • 3 paints per project
  • Paint brush, water bowl, sponge, and work mat

Current Kits

  • Owl Hanging
  • Garden Turtle
  • Flower Bowl
  • Pinch Pot (NEW!)
  • Initial Plaque
  • Your Choice (see below)

Your Choice Option

This is for anyone who has had experience with clay... You can decide your own project! Let me know what you're aiming for so I can provide a few guidelines to ensure success! Includes .75 lbs of clay and all of the above listed supplies.

A cute clay owl to hang on the wall
A clay turtle painted with glaze, perfect for in your garden
Brightly colored handmade clay flower bowls

Ready to order?

Email me your:

  • Name
  • Cell Number
  • Project selection
  • Paint Color Selections (limit to 3 per person and up to 6 per bag)
  • Requested Pickup Date

Color Chart

Chart showing glaze color options


Watch for our Pop-Ups!

WHIM hosts SEASONAL POP UP SALES at the studio featuring handmade ceramics, textiles, and paper goods by some of my favorite artists. Watch for our "Spring is in the air" pop-up coming in March 2020!!!

Handmade clay bowls, spoons, and sand brushes for sale at the 2019 Summer Pop-Up Shop


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